1815 Crystal Lake Drive, Lakeland, Fl 33801 For Lease

1815 Crystal Lake Drive, Lakeland, Fl 33801

Property: Unlock the potential of this impressive 15,427 sqft office building, constructed in 1959 excellent concrete craftsmanship. Positioned strategically within city limits along a dynamic urban corridor. With five individual suites available for lease, this property caters to a variety of needs. Designed for Medical Use and Ready for Occupancy, this property is primed for medical
professionals seeking a strategic location to establish or expand their practice.

Location: Site is located at the corner of Meadowbrook Ave. and Crystal Lake Drive in central Lakeland. This cozy, in-town location provides easy access to Bartow or downtown Lakeland. Being only minutes from the Polk Parkway allows for easy access to I-4 and surrounding communities.

Area Information: Lakeland, Florida is a strategically located city in the heart of the Sunshine State, offering a host of compelling reasons for businesses to consider it as their base of operations. The area surrounding Lakeland boasts a combination of attributes that make it an attractive destination for businesses of all sizes and industries. Lakeland is situated in the heart of Central Florida, making it an ideal hub for businesses looking to serve both the local and statewide markets. It’s conveniently located between major metropolitan areas like Tampa and Orlando, providing easy access to these economic centers. The city is also home to the Central Florida Intermodal Logistics Center, facilitating the efficient movement of goods by rail and road. Lakeland is within a few hours’ drive of major Florida ports, including Port Tampa Bay and Port Canaveral. This makes it an excellent location for businesses involved in import/export and distribution. Nearby educational institutions, such as Florida Southern College and Polk State College, provide a pool of talent for various industries. Florida, in general, is known for its business-friendly policies, including no state income tax and various incentives for businesses. With access to beautiful lakes, parks, cultural attractions, and a relatively low cost of living compared to many other
parts of Florida. The area surrounding Lakeland offers a range of affordable industrial and commercial real estate options. Whether you need office space, manufacturing facilities, or warehousing, you can find suitable properties to meet your needs. The city and its surrounding area have invested in infrastructure improvements, including utilities and technology, to support business growth and innovation. a wonderful lifestyle for employees with its pleasant climate, cultural amenities, and recreational opportunities, making it an attractive place to live and work.

Lease Price: First Floor Suites
Suite 1409 – 1,254 sqft – $22.00
Suite 1801 – 4,195 sqft – $22.00
Suite 1807 – 1,202 sqft – $22.00
Suite 1811 – 2530 sqft – $22.00
Second Floor Suites
Suite 1813 – 3,328 sqft – $22.00
Suite 1815 – 3,755 sqft – $22.00